FAQs - Buy Hemp Plant Products In North Carolina

Is Hemp Plant And Marijuana The Same Thing?

No. Hemp and marijuana are two different flowers and plant types that are part of the Cannabis family. Therefore, their concentration of CBD and THC also varies greatly. Delta 9 THC is usually derived from hemp plant parts and not Marijuana.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal In North Carolina?

The marijuana plant is not legal in North Carolina in any form. However, medical applications and recreational marijuana are gradually receiving a more positive outlook from the law. If you want to enjoy similar effects and benefits, Delta 9 THC is quite effective.

Are There Different Flavors Available In Delta 9 THC?
There are plenty of flavours and food options available that you can shop online. You can even find personal care products with special offers. From earthy select to mango, chocolate flavours, and kiwi blast, there are many options.