Frequently Asked Questions About Delta 8 Wilmington NC

Will Delta 8 Show Up in a Drug Test?

Delta 8 is very similar to delta 9 THC and THC O. The only difference is that this cannabinoid is less potent than its counterparts. Because of this, delta 8 is likely to show up on a drug test. So, if you're being tested for cannabis for any reason, taking delta 8 instead of delta 9 or THC O will still result in a positive test.

Is Delta 8 THC Safe?

There have been no reports of delta-8 THC being dangerous. That said, there isn't that much research on delta 8 right now, so the information could change. But right now, there's no evidence that delta 8 THC is unsafe for consumption.

How Should I Take Delta 8 in Wilmington, NC?
You can smoke, vape, or eat delta 8 in Wilmington, NC. But if you're looking for the safest method that will protect your lungs, we recommend getting delta 8 gummies and edibles, as you won't have to smoke these products. Edibles are the safest way to take marijuana, as you don't inhale any smoke. So, if it's your first time or you're conscious about your health, you might want to consider taking edibles instead of smoking.